Pauly is here

Wow you guys found me on Nice! I have not been here for months… so c17 02?I can’t even remember what I did on that one… Is that the one with DOG and you can get the script to go faster?

yea I looked around… I could probably knock of those 7 odd seconds and flatten to a minute flat. I thought I uploaded a better version than the one thats an avi.

yeaaaaah, pauly!Welcome!

Heres a demo and .avi to your script break in dog if you dont remember :stuck_out_tongue:…hp?showtopic=78And to play the older demos you need the patched HL2 because the new one screwed things up, you can get that here:…;/fileinfo.htmlWelcome Pauly!

Welcome Pauly :smiley:

Pauly, welcome B) .

Is pauly our saviour or not? Im starting to doubt him. :slight_smile:

he seems to have vanished along with the script breaking thingy

He’s our saviour, just on the three days dead before he rises again to save the hl2dq team part. :rolleyes:

It seems Pauly is having a laugh of his own because we cant figure out dogs warping. Last Activity: Jan 10 2006, 04:56 PM

oh yes. he’s been on quite a few times, but at the end of the day i think he does’nt know how to / cant anymore (maybe valve fixed it). And he thinks its better to not say anything than to admit he cant do it anymore.Either way, we are moving on soon, so its a a bit of a shame, still its “only” ~15s

QUOTE (happyface_0 @ Jan 11 2006, 08:29 PM)It seems Pauly is having a laugh of his own because we cant figure out dogs warping. Last Activity: Jan 10 2006, 04:56 PMFrom what I’ve seen, Pauly just doesn’t post that often anywhere!He haven’t posted on any forum since Jan 10th (that I know of). I think he just isn’t online that often.But I’ve sent him a PM, so all we can do is wait (and keep testing things on c17_02).I think he will post soon, but we’ll have to wait :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, but I’ve also sent him a PM, and he has been online at least once since, and not replied.

QUOTE (Cat4lYs7 @ Jan 11 2006, 09:48 PM)ok, but I’ve also sent him a PM, and he has been online at least once since, and not replied.Well then we can’t do much more then wait, can we? :stuck_out_tongue:

Aim conv with Pauly. Transgenic86: heyTransgenic86: you there?MattS0717: hi?Transgenic86: Is this Pauly?MattS0717: yeas?Transgenic86: What happened with that glitch thing?MattS0717: dog?Transgenic86: Is it broken?Transgenic86: YeahTransgenic86: This is DemonStrate from the HL2DQ forumsMattS0717: I wasnt able to recreate itMattS0717: although the basics are still thereTransgenic86: What were the basics? Cause i couldnt even get close to getting it to work.MattS0717: try typing in ent_fire dog XXXXXXXXXX x=scene startTransgenic86: hmm, what will that do?MattS0717: trigger the eventMattS0717: when using ETransgenic86: and it doesnt work now?MattS0717: Ive tryed it- it should work I may be doing something wrong thoughTransgenic86: Hmm, ill give it a go after im done talking to my girlfriendTransgenic86: Yeah, everyone wondered where you were in the forums.MattS0717: alright I can give you more information but the problem is- would it be a legit run when using the command?MattS0717: or would it void the time?Transgenic86: I dont know offhandTransgenic86: I dont know all the rules for it.MattS0717: I actually in all honesty posted that a long time ago as a joke after my other runs were faster yet denied to no new technique. So I made the joke post after just manually triggering dog and the Apc grab events and then door open events. Made it look pretty real by binding them to the key.Transgenic86: Ah, okay.MattS0717: hehTransgenic86: lolTransgenic86: oh waitMattS0717: it worked really really goodTransgenic86: can you do ent_fire without sv_cheats 1?MattS0717: I belive so yesTransgenic86: hmmmMattS0717: its a developer commandTransgenic86: are you sure?Transgenic86: ohTransgenic86: that is strange.MattS0717: I tryed it with both cheats on and off and I couldnt seem to get it to workMattS0717: either wayMattS0717: but im positive my video had cheats offMattS0717: I could try again but i havent used the engine in forverTransgenic86: ah, alright, they must have fixed it then.MattS0717: its not a bug though which I perosnally think that there is still a way to do itMattS0717: and I believe you can trigger the script in Garrys mod tooTransgenic86: well, wait, if that works for dog, or at least did work for dog, does it work for other NPCs?MattS0717: every triggered eventMattS0717: I tried doing it on other maps tooMattS0717: but it made some areas get funny but it workedTransgenic86: Get funny? Like, textures missing and such or what?MattS0717: soon as you get in kleiners lab you can trigger the telpporter to startTransgenic86: LolTransgenic86: wowMattS0717: yeaTransgenic86: thats crazyMattS0717: you can skip the whole scenesMattS0717: open doors without npcsMattS0717: etc.Transgenic86: ahMattS0717: I actually got into ent_fire commands from a friend modderTransgenic86: i did ent_fire back in the |3374 daysMattS0717: I first used them to make a HL2:deathmatch regular map(when deathmatch FIRST came out) to spawn NPC’s and setrelationship to hate playersTransgenic86: lolMattS0717: and we would coop togetherTransgenic86: thats cool.MattS0717: you can use ent_fire to set what specific enemies’ attacks and how much damage their attacks doTransgenic86: I forget what i used it for beforeMattS0717: probably light people on fireTransgenic86: yeahTransgenic86: thats what it wasMattS0717: ent_fire “name” igniteTransgenic86: Yeah, i did. hehe.Transgenic86: Alright, well thanks for that explaination.MattS0717: hehe yeaTransgenic86: Check out the forums more often.MattS0717: yup MattS0717: cant wait for the releaseMattS0717: i was there when it first came aboutTransgenic86: They should hopefully be done by march. idk if the movie will be out, but the running may be done.Transgenic86: Lol, They didnt know how to fly until i posted on www.hl2world.comTransgenic86: heheheTransgenic86: i joined their forums after thatMattS0717: wowTransgenic86: YeahTransgenic86: back on www.hl2dq.tkTransgenic86: alright, ttyl.MattS0717: cytaMattS0717: cyaTransgenic86: Oh wait, can i post this on the forums?MattS0717: yea np i was going to anyway :-)Transgenic86: just so they know what happened.Transgenic86: okayTransgenic86: coolTransgenic86: thanksTransgenic86: byeSo there you have it.

HAHAHA! :lol: So there was a command for activating scripts!! That’s pretty cool! :o What a little tease Pauly is :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks DemonStrate for clearing it up, he sure had me scratching my head :smiley:

I CALLED IT! :DOn a seperate note, I didn’t know Demonstrate was Transgenic, aka the guy that introduced HL2DQ to flying (I believe), and painstakingly rammed the airboat into the rock over and over again until he proved it was possible to jump the dam in canals_05. :)Welcome, didn’t know you were the same person.

Yeah, Sorry, i have 2 names. I usually use DemonStrate for gaming and Transgenic for all other. I didnt remember which one it was on the old forums.

Pauly isnt jesus, he is judas. :stuck_out_tongue: