Part 00


Hey I decided to fool around on part 00 and did a few tricks and it came to my mind that this might be useful in some way when you guys wait while doing the speed run. If you’re interested in viewing the demo, just click the link to download Note that when u boost yourself with the rocks, do the ones I used. The fact that most of the other rocks dont work during boosting.


Lol, insn’t really helpfull, but nice anyway.If you can find a way inside the citadel without the van being there and stuff then we can use my glitch i found out where you skip the TV scene. because when you do that, alyx won’t come so im stuck there trying to find a way to the next load point.


It is potentially useful. That walkway could be used to more easily access the citadel. I explored inside the citadel and proceding on foot is very plausible (damage from falling is the only issue there). However, our #1 problem right now is getting that damn grating to break. I’m starting to think it is triggered by the van or Alyx, which means we have to wait. Can someone more experienced with mapping tell is what exactly triggers the grate to break?



What about that thing you guys did in HL2, where you hit the peoples heads with some small object, and the people skipped around? Does that still work in Ep1?


According to Chomp it does. Anyways here’s what I’ve found:1) Skipping the transmission scene and the van scene doesn’t seem to be plausible. Alyx and Dog get stuck if you skip the transmission and you need them to get the van, which you need to break the grating.2) If you wait to trigger the transmission scene and then head over to the campfire (where Dog throws the van) Dog is teleported to his position to make his daring escape from the debris and Alyx is teleported on the other side of the crashed gunship (she still goes through the motions of talking to the screen though <_<)3) If Alyx is on the cliff side of the gunship, she teleports back to the other side only to crawl through the gunship itself. I’ll experiment with the timing but I think if we hit the trigger at the campfire at the right time we can possibly skip her crawling. All in all, this whole intro is shaping up to be impossible to skip :(.I have a theory that the breaking grate may be triggered by two things: the player being on top of it and the van having been thrown by Dog the first time (not into the citadel). If this fails, it’s pretty much certain its the van being there that matters.


Well it seems that skipping the Van Toss is entirely out of the question. Even if we did somehow figure out how to get through the grating, there is a damage trigger at the bottom of the first drop (something I hadn’t noticed previously due to having godmode on). It looks like the trigger intended to kill you if you fall down outside clips inside the building. However, every cloud has a silver lining - we could still use this area for some awesome material for EP1 : Done Tricked.Also, we still need to explore the possibility of getting Alyx’s AI to work after skipping the Transmission Scene. This has the potential to shave off like 2 or 3 minutes (rough estimate). Good thing EP2 won’t feature as much of this sidekick stuff: having Alyx along on the speedrun is like having your main character’s legs broken :rolleyes:.


I kinda found out how to get alyx’s AI to work. After doing TV skip glitch i found. I run up to where dog comes in. Then run back to where the gunship is lying down. Alyx has now warped to the side near the cliff of it. So she is 1/2 working. But i still have to wait for the TV scene (FUCK!) and even after she won’t jump down and follow me like shes supposed to. So we are fucked at this. Looks like we might have to watch the whole TV scene