Parkour = IRL Trickjumping/Speedrunning

#1 this video out, you got to love it:


I saw a short document on TV about this sport one or two years ago, probably the one you linked. I thought the people performing those tricks were crazy.I wonder how many people have seriously hurt themselves trying those tricks. :wacko:


yeah, I can understand the jumping on the ground and up to 3 meters. but jumping from a 25 meter high building to another seems dangerous. Maby they need the adrenaline kick, and to find new “tricks” that is better then the old ones.Its the same thing as we do except the only one we are hurting is ghordon.


That’s nothing! I bunnyhopped 500yards, then did an SMG gren jump, a 1040 spin, shot a crossbow bolt through a combine soldiers face and flew upto the top of the Empire state building!


bwhahaah… now that’s hilarious bandit :smiley: