Page for swaggy save glitch routes


So lately save glitch routes have kind of become an easter egg in a massive speedrunning easter egg hunt. So ive decided that the forum needed a place just to post all of those hidden gems, as to not over-populate the portal tag on the forums. I think its a good idea. I’ll also be maintaining the page and updating a list of all of the chambers save glitches that are used with links to the videos so that people can pick and choose between strats.

Full list:

chamber 0-1:

chamber 2-3:
none posted.

chamber 4-5:
none posted.

chamber 6-7:
none posted.

chamber 8:
none posted.

chamber 9:
none posted.

chamber 10:
none posted.

chamber 11-12:
none posted.

chamber 13:
[spoiler]In Bounds:
none posted.[/spoiler]
chamber 14:[spoiler]
None Posted
None Posted
Ultimate Swag:
chamber 15:
none posted.

chamber 16:
none posted.
chamber 17:none posted.
chamber 18:none posted.
chamber 19:none posted.
Escape 01:[Spoiler]
In Bounds:
None Posted
Escape 02:none posted.
Escape 03:none posted.however if administration thinks otherwise and locks the page thats fine by me.


what about chamber 15 and 16 SGs


I posted this just before going to bed. I’ll post more save glitches later. I was really hoping the community would post them and id put them into the list.


See desc.


Ultimate swag.