Long time no see everyone!Seeing as the run is approaching its final state I thought I’d start a little topic to discuss if you guys still want to have that outtakes video. I’ll have a lot more time to focus on that once March 30 arrives when my two months exam phase finally comes to an end. As some may know, I basically lost ALL my outtakes when we left the citadel maps I think, and I had quite a lot of em to be honest. I might get into re-doing some of the tricks I did if I find the time. Such a shame that my flawless citadel core segment got lost with typical’s ceiling slant trick (or does somebody have the demo somewhere? I definitely posted it here at some point). So the question really is, how much stuff did you collect throughout the run? If we only have 4 funny clips and 5 impressive jumps or boosts I guess we can save ourselves (or me) the trouble to do an outtakes video.Also, do we know by now who’s doing the video compilation of the actual run? RE on it?Cheers!


I had a few too, but the won’t run with my game for some odd reason. Ill start re-recording.


I have a bunch. 10 demos I think, all pretty cool. I even have one where I fall into the core in citadel_03, and jump back out after it sapped a bunch of health, and I come out with 13 health and 37 armour, 13/37 :smiley:


LAL. Yeah I have a couple. I may have trouble finding them though. <_<


I’m bored. Hook me up with whatever you collected.


I’ll make a .rar tomorrow.


Mine :slight_smile: