other things fast?


So i was sitting at home messing around with my rubiks cube, and i came up with a question. What else do source people do “fast”? like, i run mario 64 from time to time. And am addicted to speed cubing. And i was curious if there was anyone else out there on source runs that has other speedy hobbies they do.

so i guess this is me making a place to post them.


Sometimes I “finish” too fast :-[


tfw gold split during sex


I run Sonic CD time attack (never have time to do SS with all these source games) which is actually really fun


I keep thinking of more and more things to say. So I’ll say all of them.
Dude. What’s a gold split?
Uhm… Fornication is like boxing. Your goal is to last longer then your partner
Someone get gocnak in here so he can code an auto splitter.
Keep up, 8 seconds flat.

Uhm… I’m sure I have more but I’m out. (Just like you)


gold split is when you get a split in a run that’s better than you’ve ever gotten. I have livesplit set to play an airhorn sound when I get one :^)


I understand the concept of a gold split. But I was making a joke about his “finishing” too fast.
Never mind.


i surf alot.
And if you dont know what surfing is i urge you to get on css and connect to one of these servers: http://ksfclan.com/connect/
And if you dont own css, you can always download tf2 and hop onto ReSurfed: http://www.resurfed.com/forums/ (Servers are also listed on tf.tv http://www.teamfortress.tv/servers)
Also here is a good tutorial on how to do it (dont think anyone will need this since this is **SourceRuns ** :wink: ): https://youtu.be/lYc52kwTNb8


I play ag




AG stands for adrenaline gamer and is a mod for half-life. It’s basically a fixed version of HLDM (i.e. no framerate unfairness).


Ah. Okay.


Framerate unfairness (i.e unlimited FPS) isn’t to do with the mod, it’s to do with the engine. AG is generally played on 6153 or 6027, which both have unlimited FPS. However, for competitions as far as I know there’s an arbitrary 125FPS cap.


Garrys mod Extended Movement Mod. (If you’ve never heard of it, try it) Also Super Mario Bros


I play Starcraft.


Doesn’t seem like the kinda game you can speedrun lol


i run l4d and l4d 2 ;D


Well ,it’s fast.