Original authors of Bunnymod Pro, bunnyrace_beta2 & ag_longjump2



I am currently hosting three different Half-Life files on my website that are also linked on the SourceRuns wiki as the download link:

The reason I began hosting these files last year is because the original download links were no-longer working. As far as I can see, I am currently the only person hosting these files on the internet - I can’t find any other legitimate-looking places to download them.

For example, the previous download location for bunnyrace_beta2 leads to a parked domain page. There does seem to be Half-Life mapping related content on that website, however as far as I know the actual downloads do not work. There are also reports on VirusTotal that the website was compromised at some point and a phishing page inserted.

I would like to identify the original authors of these files in order to provide appropriate credit on the SourceRuns wiki as well as my website downloads page.

I believe that ag_longjump2 was created by Quadrazid and Rayvex, since their names are written on the wall in-game, however for Bunnymod Pro and bunnyrace_beta2, I can’t find the original author.

Does anybody here know this information or where I can find it?

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however for Bunnymod Pro and bunnyrace_beta2, I can’t find the original author

The author of Bunnymod Pro is mentioned on the wiki page linked by yourself.

bunnyrace_beta2 is still available at http://maps.vibrion.org/. At the bottom of the page it says

Maps by Coincidence, apart from sort of Deck16, which I suppose was by someone else originally.


You can also find these maps (and more) hosted over here https://play.sourceruns.org/files/maps/


Can’t believe I missed this. I knew that YaLTeR was involved and made BunnymodXT, but for some reason I thought that he wasn’t the original author of Bunnymod Pro.

@YaLTeR is it OK for me to host this? It is a custom packaged version made up of the DLLs and other required files such as handgrenade.sc (0 byte file) and null.spr. I didn’t have the original ZIP anymore so I had to package my own version to host. Are there any license requirements I need to be aware of, eg: HL SDK license or null.spr license? Thanks

Thanks, I actually didn’t visit that site since as far as I knew it was compromised, and I remember visiting it probably late 2016/early 2017 and seeing only a parked domain page.



Thanks. I may update my download links to the files here if that’s OK with you?


Well, because I’m not, and, once again, it’s written down on that very same wiki page that you linked, in the bottom.

You can host it, I’m pretty sure there’s no license requirements about hosting HLSDK mods.


Sorry! I’m been silly here, I need to try scrolling a bit more. My apologies & my bad!

I think the same, the SDK license doesn’t say you have to include the license in things made using the SDK, it just has to comply with the Steam Subscriber Agreement.

Thanks for your help.