Orange Box... Released!!!


The orange box will be released in about an hour after I post this. I hope everyone bought it (or will be), and that you all have fun playing your source-engine games!I doubt this will happen, but maybe we should try to get an ep2, or portal speedrun going in a few weeks… maybe get it more active in here!(Portal, wow that will be interesting to speed run)Anyways… Discuss the orange box, and enjoy everyone!


Unfortunately I have no means of buying Ep2. I got HL2 and all that with my graphics card.Hopefully there will be a working release sooner or later.I want to buy it, just I don’t have a credit card or anything like that.


I can’t buy it with credit card, but I wait for this saturday when Orange Box (retail) will be at my city’s stores. very happy =)edit: already bought it and now playin !!


I just beat episode 2 (and portal, earlier)And wow, I’m really amazed at the quality of ep2, it was a brilliant chapter!


just finished portal. not sure if Im gonna bother speed running it. was fun though.


It seems like bhop is gone (guess they didn’t like coast on foot) and so much dialogue, it can be worse than ep1 for speedrun :stuck_out_tongue: Portal will be definitely interesting though.


Yeah, not bhop by the looks of it, and you can’t even “over bounce” (hl2dm movement).It seems like if you go over 320/190, it resets your movement to that. Hmm, gay.


I think its worth taking a look at speedrunning some of Portal, or at least the challenges. You can wallclimb with the cubes, and im trying to find any other tricks thatll work. I wallclimbed with a cube on the last room of level 18. :-P. I used an ahk script for it.


By the way, to give you guys some ideas of how intense a Portal speedrun would be… Look at these Narbacular Drop runs.…?downloads.html(Look in the videos section at the bottom)


Portal’s demo playback seems to be broken.




It is nothing like HL2DM. In fact the movement is EXACTLY the same as HL2 (single player), but there is a speed limit.If you jump, land and jump again, if your speed is over 320, it will reset to 320. And if your crouching it will reset to 66.VERY gay. VERY VERY GAY!!!1 :frowning:


If it was like hl2dm, I wouldn’t be so pissed off…So yeah, you still get the boost if you hold forward and jump, just the boost is useless, as your speed will be reset when you jump again.


What about sprinting and strafe-jumping? Well, pointless I guess if it resets your speed. Man, why would they do this to us?! lol. You have to admit, though, in HL2 we had it almost too good. I mean, as long as you had perfect timing, you could just keep gaining speed. And then with macros…well the possibilities are endless.


Yeah…Strafe jumping is only usefull for jumping gaps now. As for traveling long distances on foot, it’s fastest to kinda do the pre-strafe jump, grounded. But that uses sprint, but is still faster.


Just wondering…is this the active Ep2 thread? I mean, feel free to post your findings here if it is. Seems like it’s dead around here lol.