Opposing Force Single Segment: Where to start?


Sorry for being the typical asking forum for help type of guy but I literally have no idea where to start and I looked around and couldn’t find much.

I’m pretty fluent in HL1 running and I was hoping someone here might be able to point me in the right direction to start Opposing Force running. Does anyone here have any good guides for opposing force or any good SS runs I could use in the form of a guide and learn tricks from?

Also which exact version should I use? If NGHL is a option I think I would prefer that O=

Thank you very much for any little help in advance =)))


Well, if you don’t already have this:

https://github.com/YaLTeR/BunnymodXT (this is excellent if you don’t already have it)

And then just read through:


And of course:

Hope this helps!


Don’t use this one, it’s outdated.

Also you asked about runs to follow, well in OP4 there are two main categories, RTA (loading saves allowed) and SS (no loading saves allowed), this is because there are a couple of saveglitches available in the game that change up the route quite a bit. Runs I’d suggest using as guides:

RTA WR by me: http://www.speedrun.com/run/40353
SS WR by Elgu: http://www.speedrun.com/run/23453


Scroll to the bottom of this old thread for some solid advice that helped me with OP4 running.


I’m still pretty crappy at it, but it will/should help you!


Wow thanks very much guys =)


Can anyone pm me off steam verison of opposing force so I dont have to risk a vac ban using bunnyxt? :o


I’m pretty sure you won’t get VAC banned unless you join a multiplayer server. If you’re only doing single player speedruns you should be fine.


yes but I’m very paranoid ;w;


Yeah I’ve used bxt in the steam version of op4 and I haven’t gotten VAC banned.(This was 8 months ago) But if you’re still afraid of that you can also get the GoldSrc package which contains all the major GoldSrc games which can be found here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1O65pK-C6qYRGVyYk1POWl5d2s/view


ooo thanks downloading it and trying it =)


BXT will not get you banned in single-player. There has not been a single report where it has and it is a standard tool used by the majority of the community. This is the same case with, for example, HLAE, which is the standard tool used to capture demos; it can get you VAC banned if used online but not anywhere else.

Even if it did, the GoldSrc Package would not be an appropriate alternative because it runs through your Steam account (which is why you need to own the games on Steam beforehand). The main reason it was created was to have an all-in-one package available for beginners and others who wanted the least hassle possible when setting up, not to have a “non-Steam” alternative like NGHL.

Furthermore, despite this seemingly-common paranoia being completely invalid, in this case you can use NGHL (which is inferior but does not use your Steam account), download the WON Package and inject BXT there.


The paranoia surrounding getting VAC banned in SP is an irrational fear comparable to the fear of ghosts.

We have been modifying the shit out of Half-Life for months, and I have even permanently patched some of the core DLLs. Look at me, my steam account is still alive.