Opposing Force/Blue Shift with NGHL



I’m new to all this stuff and I’m trying to get bunnymod to work with opposing force and blue shift.

I use the NGHL client and it works perfectly with original HL. Is there an easy step by step guide how you get Blue Shift and Opposing Force to work with NGHL and have bunnymod?

I’ve tried to follow “http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Half-Life_Expansions_on_NGHL” but I dont understand “Copy the built in DemoPlayer.ddl into the half-life folder”. Which built in demoplayer?

The notes at the bottom of the page worked to get Opposing force to work with NGHL but I don’t think bunnymod pro works? Do I have to use BunnyModXT?

Also, these CGF files, where do I put them? :S I can’t find any other CGF files to replace with them.

Sorry that I’m all confused, I’d love to get the expansions to work with NGHL and bunnymod.

Thanks for any help.

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That article is a little outdated, Bunnymod XT now no longer requires you to replace a DLL, it just injects into the game.

Get it here (make sure to check the instructions on the page): https://github.com/YaLTeR/BunnymodXT-Injector/releases

Bunnymod Pro won’t work properly with Opposing Force, you need to use Bunnymod XT. You should be able to use Bunnymod Pro in Blue Shift however.

You need to extract the stuff inside the GCF into a folder called ‘gearbox’ in your Half-Life directory using GCFScape.


Thank you for the help! got blue shift to work :slight_smile:

Do you know how to get speedometer to show? I’ve tried “hud_speedometer 1” but nothing happens. I’ve even tried it with normal Half-Life but the speedometer wont show up until I get the suit and since i dont have a suit in blue shift/opposing force it never shows. Do bunnymodXT even have a speedometer?

Also, do I have to turn off bunnymod Pro when i inject bunnymodXT?


Bunnymod XT dont have a speedometer
no, you can keep bunny mod on, kinda pointless unless you want the autohop


Ok thanks!

Is there a way to check if bunnymod is working tho? I have a hard time judging if it works or not in blue shift :S


AFAIK, Bunnymod Pro is a game of its own built on top of the Half-Life SDK, so you can’t use it with expansions; the reason BunnymodXT exists is to let you remove the bunnyhop cap on any game on GoldSrc, but that’s all it does (well, it also has autojump), so you shouldn’t use XT with Pro since Pro already has no cap! If you want to autojump in Half-Life while keeping the features of Bunnymod Pro, you should use the Half-Life TAS Mod, which has all the features of Bunnymod Pro plus more (you don’t have to use it for a TAS).


Bunnymod Pro is literally a modification. You can run it as a separate ‘game’, or you can just replace the DLLs of a game/mod with the Bunnymod Pro DLLs. The problem AFAIK is when you have custom code for things like additional weapons that aren’t in the original Half-Life (hence why it works with Blue Shift, since it has no additional content). This is also why it won’t work properly in Opposing Force, or Gunman Chronicles as a more obvious example.

Bunnymod XT originally was there to remove the cap, but YaLTeR is now starting to implement extra features so that it can be more useful for games/mods where Bunnymod Pro won’t work properly.


Is there a console command to bind autohop? The original HL (NGHL) has it in keybinds as “bunnyjump” but I cant find it in opposing force or blue shift :o

Also, the download for bunnymod XT shows “Completed the velocity display.” so how do i get it to show? :S

This is what I’ve done so far:

  1. Installed NGHL and the bunnymod pro from the same installer.
  2. Copied the gearbox folder from my original HL to get opposing force and replaced the DLL’s as described at the bottom of “http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Half-Life_Expansions_on_NGHL”.
  3. Extracted the Half-Life blue shift.GCF to my half-life directory.
  4. downloaded the bunnymodXT.dll + injector.exe and put em both in the same folder.

Have I missed anything? both games are working though NGHL. I inject when I start up opposing force.


If you’re using BunnymodXT, you should be able to enable autojump then just +jump (hold space).

YaLTeR added that to the source code on GitHub 10 days ago, but he hasn’t released a new build yet. You’ll have to wait or compile it yourself.

You can use BunnymodXT or Bunnymod Pro, not both. And putting the injector and DLL in a folder won’t do anything, you have to run the injector while the game is open to inject the code into the game.

EDIT: Wait, OK, ignore what I said about “not both,” I think I see what you’re doing now or something…
EDIT 2: Oh wow I can’t read. Uh yeah that looks fine.


You can always find the latest BXT build here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29178100/hlspbunny/bxt-new.zip

As for how to use it, you did everything correctly, then you launch the game and launch the injector. If it tells you something error code 5, launch as admin. A console debug window should pop up and stuff should be working.


Yes, everything works perfectly, the injector gives me a dos window with “success” etc…

One thing tho. i cant get the autojump to work… I opened up the console and typed “y_bxt_autojump 1” but it doesn’t autojump when i hold spacebar. I’ve tried to bind z to +jump but still the same thing. I only do a single jump when holding down the button.


Does the cvar exist? Because might just be that it doesn’t find the required pattern. You can also check the debug console after you loaded a map and see if there’s any red text there.


yes, there’s no “unknown command” in the upper left corner. is there some prediction thingy i have to enter in the console shown on “https://github.com/YaLTeR/BunnymodXT”? like “y_bxt_autojump_prediction”


Okey nevermind, it’s working now somehow… didnt change anything :S Maybe it wanted a restart idk.


Is there a way to get autojump and/or bhopcap to work when you inject? now I have to y_bxt_autojump 1 everytime I inject to make it work.


You could make a cfg to quicken the process I guess. Or get YaLTeR to handle saving the CVAR values :stuck_out_tongue: