Operation Lambda


Operation Lambda is a half-life 2 total conversion modification, that is based around 3 main elements:

Witness the Combine Homeworld.
Witness the Destruction of Black Mesa.
Witness the beginning of the 7-hour war.

We already have a large team, and are going to have our first media release in approximately 2 weeks.

The only positions we are currently looking to fill are:

• Lead Programmer (or any capable C++ programmer)
• Lead Animator (or any capable Animator)

We would also like any FacePoser’s to apply, as that is an area of the team we are currently weak in.

If you are interested please apply on our forums.


Blah blah blah… no more copy-paste.

Awesome mod. Coming up soon is media release 1 (3 days infact).
Being on the team I can tell you that awesome progress is being made!

Website: http://operationlambda.com/

yeah. bout’ it.


Now I gotta ask, will you be re-implementing the fly and bhop glitch :smiley:


I’m a C++ developer at my company, but I don’t nearly have enough time to help out. I can’t even keep up with working on my own speedrun, let alone program a mod. :-/. Sorry.


Don’t worry Mike. Most people can’t even keep up with your speedrun. :wink:


Bhop is now in (hence me asking in the blamod thread), but toggable by a cvar. Flying isn’t yet.


And it’s going to be default on right? :smiley:


Currently not, but that has plenty of time to change :slight_smile:


Hah, cool, it almost feels like I’ve worked on oplamb, but not really


First media release:


Looks bloody amazing, hope you can meet the 2012 deadline!


This actually looks pretty hawt. Are you guys allowed to use the coke machines? :o


Coca Coola. Extra O


Probably not. But at the current time most of the content probably isn’t legal.


is this gonna get finished? looks damn amazing!