Oops valve did it again

After last steam’s and source engine update (which is now v7b2596) my backup for old demos began to show me an error about "bad friendsui.dll"Maybe you have this error too, so I spent little time to find a solutionSo, what you gonna do to fix this error:1) go to your hl2v7b2455backup folder2) there should be folder “platform”, otherwise create it and go into it3) create folder “steam” and go into it =)4) create folder “games” and go it (now there should be path like “c:\hl2v7b2455backup\platform\steam\games”)5) create empty text file and name it "platformmenu.vdf"That’s all, now backup should work again !Maybe it sounds very stupid but it works =)I will upload new backup with included this file at filefront as fast as i can.update: new update here, 5.5Mb(http://files.filefront.com/hl2v7b2455backuprar/;4516175;;/fileinfo.html)

good work. mine’s working again now.at least they didn’t mess up the current version’s compatibility although it was a major update :slight_smile:

doxliy - You the man :smiley:

I downloaded the file you posted and put the demo in the hl2 folder but I get this error when I try to playback the demo file.CDemoFile::Open: couldn’t open file 2006.02.12.vs.Neonic.map2@dm_lockdown for reading.I’m not sure what it means. :frowning:

it sounds like you try to open a hldm demo, am I right?

A hl2dm demo.

Your problem is because your demo-name contains . (the dot). Change the name of the demo to something like:2006_02_12_vs_Neonic_map2@dm_lockdown OR something shorter.Remove dots and try again :slight_smile: If you have problems after that then this is a bit strange:Another thing that makes me wonder is the fact that the demo-name contains a date “2006-02-12” - this makes me think that it’s a new demo which should be played by an updated version of HL2 (since doxliy’s fix is used to play older files; recorded before December 24th)Just ask if there’s other problems :slight_smile:

The problem may be that you try to open the demo in regular hl2 when its a hl2dm demo. I think you must load up the deathmatch version of hl2.

So all attempts at startmovie when using this backup have failed. At least on my computer, when I try it, it will either freeze up immediately (most of the time) or capture for an arbirary amount of time and then freeze. This is a hard “end task” freeze. Sometimes it gets as far as completing the demo you have, in which case the generated .wav file is corrupt.I’ve tried installing the backup to a new folder and re-doing everything but I always get the same result.This might have something to do with the latest small update, though the later demos still play and capture.Could someone try the following on their machine?1) Start up the backup hl2.exe2) Enter “host_framerate 30” in the console3) Enter “playdemo whatever” in the console4) Enter “startmovie whatever” in the console5) Capture some stuff, then enter "endmovie"6) Check the files in the hl2 folder.If the whatever.wav file plays and sounds right, the capture succeeded and it’s a problem with my machine only. If it doesn’t play or sounds silent/weird we’ve got an issue on our hands.

I did exactly as you described - twice - and both times the .wav file sounded silent/weird. :expressionless:

—wait trying something again—

RandomEngy, create file empty.wav in hl2 folder of backup, make it read-only. Then use cmd “startmovie empty” and create video frames (TGAs).Capture sound after with any software (I used SoundForge7)Replace “empty” name with your favourite or else =)

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to resort to that. :confused: But thanks for the tip about the read-only file. Do the audio and the frames still sync up when you capture separately? I remember doing the Half-Life single segment run that way and they would drift apart gradually so I’d have to do all these annoying little tweaks to the audio. I suppose it helps that our longest segment is 7 minutes or so, though.

When you will capture sound, be sure that you set all graphics to minimum and play each demo twise to be sure there is no sound stutters.And when you will cut off silence, you should remember that sound of regular demos ENDS on demo end, and sound of _2 demos BEGINS on demo beginning. I compared sound length with lenght of its unedited video, and then cut all that not needed.I hope you understand this, my inglesh not perfect =)

Thanks doxliy, making the wav file read-only works like a charm and it looks like the audio is syncing up nicely even on long segments.

I copied the hl2dm demos into the hl2 folder.Can I play hl2dm demos from the hl2.exe which is found in the patch?I tryed to play some demos and I got a runtime error.My copy of half life 2 dm is installed to c:\programfiles\valve\steam etc

You should be able if you do some stuff, look in this thread:http://s7.invisionfree.com/HL2DQ_Temp_Foru…hp?showtopic=74This is the important stuff:QUOTE (doxliy)First, get the update2nd - unrar it anywhere but not in steam folder3rd - if your steam install folder is not typical (c:\program files\valve\steam) then open steamenu.ini with wordpad and at line “basedir” write your path to “steamapps” folder, where GCFs are located4th - at that hl2v7b2455backup folder create subdirectory “hl2mp” and copy there file “GameInfo.txt” from your current hl2mp folder5th - start hl2.exe from hl2v7b2455backup folder with “-game hl2mp” command line, it should startDon’t forget to turn on console at keyboard options =)Now all you need is copy your “old” demos to this hl2dm folder and play themTry this and see how it goes :wink:

haha. Netrex, is that the one where the guy just whores the fuck out of orbs?