old engine c17_06a skip



the trigger i hit spawns the manhacks, going back to c17_05 makes the manhacks clippable and save/load clipping in old engine makes you go upwards :smiley:


I feel like an OE rerun would be fun to make/watch (with new glitches like this one).
If only there was a was to get rif of that gitter when you jump in demo playback


I agree, would be really cool.

cl_interp 0.015


oh ok
[glow=red,2,300]LET THE RERUN BEGIN
[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]not really but it would be fun to make because we know of tricks from the new engine run that could be adapted to Old engine


I’d like to see an OE re-run personally.


I’d imagine there would be a few oob routes. Getting back inbounds would be a bit tricky but if we had something like spt we could easily write scripts that abuse pausing and save/loading and just jump into the void and air strafe under where we want to end up and start using the script to go up and clip through the floor.


well actually .015 makes the NPC’s look like shite


Alternatively, I’ve seen someone complie some DLLs that remove twitching in a nice way, not sure if they’ll work on OE though. This might be the closest to smooth movement as you’ll get.


If there’s info on what’s causing the twitching, I can remove it.