Old Demos?


Hey guys!where can i find the older demos?are they uploaded somewhere or on someones harddisk?i’d love to watch them.


d1_trainstation_01 - d2_coast_11 (plus later phase 1 demos)d2_coast_12d2_prison_01_p1d2_prison_01_p2d2_prison_02d2_prison_03d2_prison_04d2_prison_05d2_prison_06_p1d2_prison_06_p2d2_prison_07_p1d2_prison_07_p2d2_prison_08(p1+p2)


ah, you mean obsolete ones? if so, I have many of them on my hdd.


what does obsolete mean?I want to see the best ones of the phase 2, not every single demo.Are the posted the fastest ones?


the coolest one I think is the coast demo with that mine boost :slight_smile:


nah, ravenholm are best, obviously not including my tricks … :lol:

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