Offline mode Y U NO WORK?


So, I recently tried using steam in offline mode because I didn’t have internet access at that moment, so I just start steam and it says:
Could not connect to steam network. I have the option to try again, to run in offline mode or to cancel.
if I try again: Obviously same thing happens again
if I cancel: Steam shuts down
if I try offline mode: Steam just says "I couldn’t reach my networks, please go to for more info. All I can do it quit

So that means when steam doesn’t find an internet connection, it asks his networks to let me in offline mode, and when it obviously doesn’t work it just tells me to go check a website ONLINE.
is steam trolling me or is it trolling the rest of the universe too?


Pretty sure Steam offline mode only works when you don’t need it.


that’s what i figured out too, at least blizzard had the decency of patching their offline mode for starcraft 2. Now if I don’t have internet connection, 90% of my games are dead, the funniest gamemodes of al the other games are dead and I can’t browse reddit, facebook, youtube and so. Without internet, my computer is just a boring piece of metal -_-


You need to have it set to “offline mode” before you lose your internet.

If it was left in “online mode” steam will act out like a teenage version of me and I never played pokemon on a gameboy.


yeah, but I don’t always plan ahead router downtimes, and I need to shut down my computer before moving it to some other person’s house, and then I can’t set it in advance…


There’s something called tethering which will allow you to get internet access through a phone.

Don’t know much about it but when you can’t plan ahead, use exploits instead.


I think you can force Steam into Offline mode by removing, adding or editing a file somewhere. (probably a config file). At least that’s what I read somewhere. I might still have that kind of information in my bookmarks.

Ah yeah, found it.

BootStrapperInhibitAll=enable ForceOfflineMode=enable
Don’t know which file to edit though :stuck_out_tongue:
Not even sure if it works, never tried it.


next time I need to use offline mode, I’ll look for a file with those lines, anyway the windows explorer will probably be the only progam that’ll work without internet -_-