Official SourceRuns Gameservers


Hey guys, I’ve set up some game servers for SourceRuns. They’ll be running 24/7 and are located in Strasbourg, France (although the location might change if a better location becomes available one day).

Adrenaline Gamer -
Any purpose, all gamemodes allowed, so far only default maps, might install a HL KreedZ plugin in the future with the ability to switch between bhop/kz maps and normal deathmatch maps for dm/tdm gamemodes.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive -
Running a PugSetup plugin, meant for 5v5 (10man) pugs on default competitive maps.

Have fun!


You should install the KZ plugin for CSGO too maybe. It’s fun.


Good news! I’ve launched a KZ server for CSGO now as well. It uses KZTimer and is connected to the Global leaderboards database here.

Address: or

As you can see, we’ve got a new “address” as well. Check out the page for detailed server status.


Oh great! 8)


Awesome. I’ve never done anything with Adrenaline Gamer so I have no idea how to set it up. I could figure it out but it would be convenient if there was some kind of step to step guide on how to get started with AG. I think more people would be interested to join in if they knew the steps to get started. It could simply be to just google adrenaline gamer and find a download link, install and launch game and connect to the IP, but I don’t know if it’s that simple.


It is indeed as simple as installing Half-Life on Steam and then the Adrenaline Gamer mod.

You can download it here:

Of course, there are more advanced steps if you wish to take them, for example, setting up a userconfig and even downgrading your Steam version to 6027 instead of the latest 6153 in order to restore _special script support.

Here’s my userconfig that you can use, just replace a few things to your liking and you’re good to go:

Downgrade patch can be found here:

Extract the contents to your Steam’s Half-Life folder and you should have downgraded.


I’ve transfered the KZ server to VeryGames. All the records from the previous server have been moved over, so nothing should change. Since it’s a dedicated server, it might feel a bit more smooth to play on.

New address: or