Official apology for being a total dick


Okay, so after a while of violently arguing in favor of scripts, I was temp-banned, not for being a dick (although I was and it’s against the rules) but for triple-posting and insulting someone.
While what I said was not a direct insult, it was VERY insulting, and I regret saying it altogether. I’ve since deleted the thread, so neither the insult, nor the various double and triple-posts I made are visible to the public. I have therefore cleaned up my trash.
Although I have not necessarily changed my mind, I am definitely willing to now accept the opinion of the general public and move on. That being said, I am very eager to get back into this community for the benefit of everyone, not just myself and a few others who find scrolling inconvenient. If anyone needs help routing or getting segments for any of their runs (I’m sure I’m not allowed to work on the big stuff, especially after this whole fiasco) just ask here or send me a PM.
That’s really all I have to say, I know people who do wrong are not easily forgiven in this community, I just hope that you all can accept my apology. Most of the people here are people that I’ve looked up to since the very beginning, and to have people who I had previously seen as role models making fun of my skill level is… a little unsettling to say the least. I’m not just apologizing to those people, but to the whole community, for filling this forum with hostility and trash, most of which was my own. I don’t plan to start any more shit and I hope you can believe that.




Even though what you said was rude (i did read it at the time), and the fight going on was rather childish, I get that you where just trying to stand for your opinion (which i share, i agree that -some- scripts should be allowed in speedrunning portal/hl2). With that in mind i can accept the apology.

I just cant say that others will be so kind.