Oblivion done quick!?


are there any plans concerning Oblivion done quick? it uses the source engine as well, right? I would like to contribute to that one :)Struba




For other games you should post on the speed demos archive forums. Theres probrably lots of posts on Oblivion alreaty.And Oblivion: Elder Scrolls IV is based on the previous version’s engine (III or whatever :)) and NOT source!


Oblivion’s engine is original and is not a modification of any other game’s engine.


If you’re wondering about physics…they use Havok physics, an open physics engine. Actually, Source is a heavily modified version of Havok (the original took up way too much CPU)I really can’t see an Oblivion speed run so well…


Yeah, I heard it was based on the Quake III engine. Nearly all games are based on that, just modified heaps… So many games…


Just so that there aren’t any uncertainties about the Oblivion engine: Oblivion technology (wikipedia)Also a speedrun on Oblivion was completed (I haven’t watched it though, mainly because I haven’t beaten Oblivion yet…haven’t played it in a LONG time…)http://files.filefront.com/Oblivion_low_wm…;/fileinfo.htmlQUOTE (TCCB1833) So the new time will than be: 1:22:48. I’m not really sure about the ingame timer. my movie is 1:38:36 seconds long while i also recorded the last movie and me pressing start. if you would take the time from the movie and get all the other times off (loading, me pressing start and the ending movie) than i have: 1:21:50SDA thread:Video was posted herePeople seemed to like that run (again: I haven’t seen it)

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