Object clipping through walls?


I was messing around trying to master wall climbing in Garry’s Mod, and I randomly at one point managed to somehow make the object teleport to the other side of the wall, still held, but now fully on the other side without any broken physics or anything. I have not been able to replicate this since. Is anyone else aware of this odd glitch?


You can do this by walking into a prop and sometimes it’ll clip into you or go through the wall. But it’s never instantaneous. If you did this with the physgun in gmod it’s probably not useful in other source games because the physgun allows you to do things with props that just aren’t possible in regular source based games, like pushing yourself into wall with a prop.


Yes its probably a Gmod thing.


Yes, the GMod physics can be messed around with a lot (even for a Valve engine), except the video BitRain linked showed use of the physgun to push yourself, rather then just using the usual E key (or whatever your use bind is) to scale the wall. It could still be called a GMod thing, however completely by conincedence and accident I found a video of Gocnak also finding the same random object clip in HL2;


Pushing an object into a wall for long enough will cause it to go into the wall. There’s a very rare chance of this happening while wallclimbing, but it can still happen.