Notice to all! Phase 2 Begins Tomorrow!


That’s right. So far we only have 4 runners officially, I was aiming for 5 before we began Phase 2, but I’d prefer to start as quickly as possible.citadel_00 is just an 8 minute long bore-fest. I’ve got a demo and the save of a run after that. It could maybe have a second taken off due to a tiny mistake in bunnyhopping after the whole scene, but I just don’t have the heart to go through it again.If anyone wants to, from now until the end of tomorrow, feel free to run citadel_00 and complete it as fast as you can. My run is 8 mins, 1 second long. I began recording as soon as the screen has faded to black and Undue Alarm is just about to fade into the screen. I figure that since SDA only starts the timing from when we can move, that’s an acceptable place to start? If not, then anyone who runs it again will have to sit through the entire intro, and THEN the whole Alyx conversation.DemonStrate appears to agree with me, so it should all be good :D.Here’s a Link to the save file from where I began, so if you start recording from there (I press my bind as the save is loading, so it starts recording straight away), then the times should be accurately comparable :D.So in a way, Phase 2 begins today, but really, this map barely counts :P.EDIT: Forgot to tell everyone. This run is being done on HARD difficulty.Good luck all! :smiley:


Let’s go for it! :smiley:


Oh guys I just remembered. We’re doing the run on HARD difficulty. Remember that XD



I’m pretty sure it was done on Hard, though I’m not sure.


I’m pretty sure it was done on hard.If you want to be sure just look at some of the nade jumps they did. It changes between dificulty. Hard usually knocks off about 130 (suit and health).



Just so you know- There is a good chance SDA won’t accept this run because of AHK. It depends who is in charge of that decision on their end.Furthermore, this run should probably be done on Hard. It’s how HL2DQ operated, and assuming this is the same project, it would only make sense to be consistent.


Well. I’m on IRC waiting for a guy to come online that I can talk to SDA about it. I’ll talk with him about AutoHotkey. Also, will we be able to use mat_fullbright in later levels? Not sure, since it’s not a cheat command, but I don’t know. In Phase 1 they used it.Hmm. I think you might be right about the difficulty. I’ll put a poll up on the difficulty we should do. We might stay on citadel_00 for a couple more days till this is resolved.



Talking with a guy from SDA, and he’s pretty much saying No to AHK. I’m still talking, and I honestly don’t understand why not, but this is a bit iffy.I mean, isn’t it on the same engine with few changes? The bunnyhopping’s the same, flying’s been altered but is in no way different to HL2 in terms of the AHK usage.Help?UPDATE: [01:58] I can think about it, but I don’t want to promote ahk useGetting there. Not sure whether to keep pressing it. I might as well really. If he says no, then at least it was a more informed no than if I just leave him to decide.


SDA accepted the HL2 engine runs long ago when AHK was ok. Me and Maximus-X spent a lot of time over there arguing our case and it took a lot just to get them to allow those runs.Now, since so much time has passed, they only left those runs up on the site due to a ‘grandfather clause’, which basically allowed older runs to remain up even though they did use scripts.Your best argument will probably be that we are running this expansion in the same manner as HL2 (except for flying no longer seems to work). You can tell them that nobody else is likely to ever attempt a run so this will be the only one there is.If they don’t roll with that I don’t know what to say. We can still post the run all over the SDA forums, youtube, etc. It would be a shame to not get accepted but I understand what they are trying to do (eliminate scripted runs).


Yeah, I know it’s a bit iffy. I was just thinking it’s pretty much HL2, just slightly changed. Flying has been altered, but not so much it’s impossible, but it still requires AHK to have any use, which again we could use the whole ‘set loads of buttons to jump and use and bash them all’, though I doubt they’ll accept that argument twice.I’ve said that it’s doubtful it’ll be required again, as Valve are likely to entirely remove it for any future instalments.Just waiting on a decision now I guess.


Hi all. I’m not pro-skill runner, but can anyone upload all scripts or config file (with description, how it works), that I or another newbie-runner can try one’s wings.


UPDATE TO ALL. I think it will be okay because it’s the same branch of games, even though I don’t like it I’ll get something to you by the end of the weekend or mondayNow, need to decide if we should continue, or wait on the decision?Thoughts?


Even though i’m new, I think that you guys should wait for the verdict, because we shouldn’t have anyone wasting their time. You shouldn’t do more work than you have to unless you want to. If the answer is no on scripts, and you already ran a level w/ scripts, than someone’s going to have to re-run it. Just my 2 cents.


Have we gotten any news yet?


FINALLY.[22:51] okay well I haven’t been able to contact the other staff member (he is usually on really late at night)[22:52] but I guess I’ll allow it just because it’s an hl2 game



hey nowtechnically if you say “H-L-2” using an would be correct.grammar police!!