Non-AHK bhop script?

Just for whenever this is released, I have noticed that some people feel more upset about the use of AHK than, say, an all HL2 script. I was wondering if HL2’s scripting utility provided a way to loop commands. I was going through a list of HL2 commands when I came across these:Test_StartLoop - Test_StartLoop - Denote the start of a loop. Really just defines a named point you can jump to.Test_Loop - Test_Loop - loop back to the specified loop start point unconditionally.If these work the way they sound, an all HL2 bhopping script should be possible… Of course, I’m too busy with several other programming languages right now to play with HL2 scripting, but is anybody up for making a working HL2 bhop script? It might come in handy for people that think AHK is special just because it’s third party software :)Here’s the site I was looking at, although I’m sure there’s more.…onsole_CommandsIf anybody’s interested, there’s probably quite a bit of other useful commands in there to make the script.

I think its a great idea, I wish I could do it, but im too computer-retarded to be able to im afraid.

Both commands Test_StartLoop and Test_Loop falls my hl2 to crash =)But I will try do anything “working” with this.

Are these meant to be used by the console, or by an .ini or .txt-like method? Notice this function:Test_StartScript - Start a test script running…Maybe you’re supposed to make a seperate script file with some cmd’s in it, and run it with this?

Isn’t that for a character script, as in what they use for NPCs to get them to move around and begin audio files? I don’t know anything about modding though. Test_SendKey sounds interesting too.

Hmm, you might be right, although I’ve never heard of it and I don’t know what SendKey would be used for in that context. Maybe this whole thread was just barking up the wrong tree, but there has to be some way to loop, or at least simulate a loop, in HL2 script. I just don’t know my way around the code.

IMHO test_ cmds are used by developers for debuggingAnd most of them are disabled (using test_loop cmds causes error message that some TestScriptMgr not initialized and I can’t see any ways to enable it)We really need to bark to another tree =)In hl1-games bhop looked like://bhopalias +bhop "+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump"alias -bhop "-jump"bind space +bhopIn that case you also needed to periodically press bhop key, but there was a warranty of jump after landing without losing speed (that script was also used for OpposingForceDoneQuick)

I’m not sure about that though, the test commands work, they just need the proper input. For example, the test_loop functions I’m pretty sure need to be in some sort of .txt-like file, how would they be used by themselves? They’re dependent on each other, it’s a script not a bind.If you use test_startscript it tells you that you need to enter a script name found in the “TestScript” directory. There was no directory, so I made my own and made a file named testscript.txt, although I’m not sure .txt is the correct format. So anyway, still ignorant of how testscript works, I put this in the .txt:Test_StartLoop loop1+jumpwaitTest_LoopCount loop1 5I then went back into the game and entered test_startscript testscript.txt. It doesn’t give you any problems, whereas entering a name that isn’t found in the TestScript directory gives you an error. The script didn’t work from what I could tell (although only 5 cycles on a CPU isn’t much at all and might be too small to tell), but it didn’t error out either, so that’s a good sign. I think we can use these functions, we just have to know the correct format and file type…

If it said directory, that means a folder. Create a folder somewhere in the hl2 folders called testscript. Then within, create a notepad file, and save it either as a txt or cfg with your commands you want to loop. Just a guess. I would try, but I don’t know what needs to go in the script.

I already said I did that ;PI used .txt but I presume that’s not the file type they wanted, because it made me type in the extension “.txt” before it accepted the name as a testscript. Google isn’t revealing any useful information about these functions besides the ones already posted.

dystopia this mod, there is a class that let you bhop by just holding the jump button. I’m not sure it is made by using a script though.