No-damage Run


It’s my new run. Run without any damage, except for freeze camera, where I got 4 armor damage. Well, it’s not avoidable anyway.


Good work, I really liked this run!


Woah… just… woah…


I liked that you’re forced to do Power Up. Pretty cool.

You shouldn’t have picked any armor before the freezer, it doesn’t take HP, only AP. So 0 dmg is possible.


Thanks for all.

I will take note of this.


Cool run! Interesting to see some new routes.


THAT is awesome.


…and yet he’s still better than you Kaito, even when you were running HL for so much bigger amount of time lol.

no offense, im just stating the obvious


yeah I know D:

I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong, no matter how much I bhop I doesn’t seem to improve D:

well that’s not the point here, this run is truly awesome


He’s Russian, they’ve got HL in their genes. Canadians cant stand a chance against Russians. And maybe he have played HLDM since 1998. We don’t know.
That’s why TheMostUpsed should fill this : >



Oh, I’m flattered.



No way your name is Igor too! : D




Yeeettthh mathter


Wow. I was wondering how you’d deal with the grunts, and the answer was outrunning their bullets.


He is younger than me, lol.

100% NoDmg TAS/Run gogog


Do you know roughly how many segments this was done in, just out of interest?


150 segments
1528 attempts
1378 failed attempts
took him 16 hours

This can be seen at the end of the video ; >


That’s what I get for not watching the credits I suppose. Thanks!


Let’s all band together and make a Single-Segment crashless run.