Nightmare House


Finished a speedrun, didn’t spend too much time on it, but here’s the video

Final time: 1:50




I just played this map and also Nightmare house 2. Even though I had seen your speedrun I still shat my pants a couple of times in the first one, and the sequel is an insanely good (and scary!) mod. What say you we speedrun Nightmare house 2 as well?


Yep, Turreu and I are working on a speedrun for it, you can join in.


Let’s do it. I just hope I’ll be able to get at least 1 segment. 8)


So what’s up with this run?


I made a route, got 40 minutes, when I grab some free time, I’ll make a full speedrun.


Just an update, I’m a little past the part where you get knocked out. A little past half-way. I haven’t really worked on it since December, and won’t resume it for another month or so.


Speed runners o.o


What’s that supposed to mean?


I find your post offensive.




Her name looks familiar too, yet she has only one post. Awkward.




Amazing… Spectacular work!




About time… Very col run.