NGHL Slow Motion


How can I get slow motion timescale working in NGHL?
In the Steam version of HL, ‘host_framerate 0.005’ seems to be about 0.25 speed.
In NGHL, I’ve tried every value I can think of and it just speeds up the game so much it is unplayable.

What do I need to do for slow timescale? I’m running at 250/1000 fps.


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You need _bxt_min_frametime to fix the duration of a frame. You can use host_framerate in conjunction with _bxt_min_frametime.

With host_framerate alone the game speed depends on how fast your computer can render HL. If you can run HL at 5000 fps, then host_framerate 0.001 will speed up the game by exactly 5 times.


Ah right, I’m running Bunnymod instead of BXT.
Is there still something I can do?


I dont see the problem here
just inject BXT and use _bxt_min_frametime