NGHL not loading maps through console or server


Basically as stated above, I cannot load any maps through the console or through the create server option. New game works fine. Another thing I noticed is when I run NGHL, I have to use the switch game option to switch to Bunnymod pro, even though hlpsbunny is in my hl.cmd file. I’m new to GoldSrc running, so forgive me if I made a common mistake.
EDIT: Forgot to add, sometimes the game will close after clicking “Start” in the server menu. Other times the server window will close and nothing happens.


What do you mean hlspbunny is in your hl.cmd file? I’ve never heard of that, hlspbunny should be in your ‘Half-Life’ folder (your NGHL directory).


Sorry, I figured it out. Somehow my maps were corrupted on install and wouldn’t load properly. A quick reinstall did the job. Everything is working fine now, sorry for any trouble.


dunno how well it would work but try coping the maps from Steampipe HL over to your NGHL maps folder.