NGHL asking for CD key


Not sure where to put this, so please correct me if this is in wrong section.
when i launch nghl this happens
i installed half life 1.0 on my system from a cd if that helps

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i installed half life 1.0 on my system from a cd if that helps
input the CD key that is printed on your CD jewel case.


You don’t need a copy of HL to use NGHL…

NGHL is it’s own game, meaning it’s practically a free version of HL. You shouldn’t be mixing your CD copy with it, it’s not a mod. If you use the guidance of the OP in this thread, you shouldn’t have any problems. The only time you need to install the game from your CD copy is if you want to run in WON.


i did not mix my cd copy of half life with nghl… ill just reinstall i guess?


Okay it worked, reinstalling it worked so that is good. i wonder why it would ask for a cd key?


Probably Valve searching for illegal copies. Asking you to verify the cd key to make sure your game was bought and not downloaded. You don’t have a CD jewel case, do you? I wouldn’t start HL for at least a week if I were you.


I would change my IP as well, just to be on the safe side.


Okay i will take your advice. i wont open hl for a week but should i be able to open my won game?
and yes i have a jewel case. i have 2 cds of half life and they both have cd keys
i got original and goty i got it here


Don’t start any copy. If you get a message from Valve (email or anything), just send them a picture back with your CD case so they can confirm that you actually have the CD key.


Okay, i will not play it. i will send picture of both goty and original cd key so they can confirm both the cd keys i entered when installing them.


I think you’re also going to need to send them a picture of yourself to verify your identity, so they will know that the CD belongs to you and that the pic of it is not Googled.


Okay, i will hope they don’t send a email to me because im picture shy. also this is not relevant to what is happening but should i use the bhop script from the sourcerun wiki or the default one from nghl


Use the one from the wiki, it changes FPS to 250 when you hold space, so you’ll have better acceleration in your bunnyhops.


Okay i will use that one, thanks for helping me choose which bhop script to use.


I really really apologize if i am starting to make you guys mad with all these questions, if i am let me know and i will stop.
What will happen if i launch half life? will my steam be banned or anything will i go to jail?


If you launched Half-Life, it’d be easier for Valve to track you down and contact you asking about the CD key stuff.


oh okay, guess that also applies to won versions. i will wait 7 days and i will get back to playing half life sense they should let it go in about a week.


The only reason anyone would be ‘mad’ about the amount of questions asked would be because with some experimentation, research and proper reading of guides and instructions, half of those questions wouldn’t need to be asked.


Maybe I can still play and if they email me I can say I only have the steam version and don’t have a cd key, also i accidently launched half life so it doesnt even matter now
Okay now an important thingy.
Whenever I try to drag my steam folder to NGHL it says something like Missing SDL2.dll and there is sdl2 in my steam half life but, when i copy paste it to nghl folder and try to launch it again it still comes up with another error message, can’t be sure if this is the right error because i cant launch half life for a week but it says can’t load client.dll. PJC how do you make it work?


I’m having an issue with the NGHL client. Whenever I launch it (yes, I do launch it as admin) it will still ask for cd key. Is there a doc that says the cd key that I need to put?

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