New to HL2 - thank Gocnak.


Hey, everybody!

Gocnak’s recently unveiled Ghosting mod has made Half-Life 2 speedrunning a lot more interesting for me, since I can race against my old runs and see how I’ve improved. I’m glad to say that I’ll probably be involving myself in this community a lot more from here on out - I’ve played Source Engine games for years and I’m confident in my ability to learn the routes and run the games.

I’ve only run the game with scripts so far, to make the whole ordeal a little easier on me while I learn the route - and I’ve only run the game about four times. Regardless, I’ve cut my times down by hours (black mesa east took me two hours on my first run, I can get there in 45 minutes now!). If there’s anyone here willing to help newer runners learn the tricks & setups, I’d greatly appreciate some of that help!

For those who may be interested, my twitch channel can be found here, and my [currently] latest run of the game here. It’s incomplete, unfortunately, since I often find myself exhausted before I finish the run @_@ hopefully I can make it past that!

I’m also interested in learning the routes for the other half life games, and perhaps both portals, too.
If you check my stream highlights, you can also find some content from other games I play, including Quake 3 Arena.

Thanks for reading!


Welcome to The Sourceruns! Hope you have fun with the Mod and complete your runs soon! (btw, if your going t join races or SRL. You cannot use scripts. So try to grow out of them :P)


Don’t worry, I’m only using scripts while I learn the game. I definitely don’t plan on using them once I start getting down & dirty with actual races and run attempts


Welcome to the forums!


Hello and welcome!


Following your stream now!


Are you from EU? I would be happy to get my butt kicked in cpma by somebody besides my friends every now and then. If you’re interested, let me know!