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Hello, I am Rocket117. I’ve finally begun attempting to single-segment run Half-life on hard (Using autobhop and ducktap.) I’ve done well over 100 attempts but have yet to complete the full game without running into something that would stop the run all together, and I am looking to improve. Please review this demo (Incomplete and not my best work) and let me know what you think.

Thanks to Quadrazid, cool-kid and other speedrunners for influencing me with their videos to begin my journey into the world of speedrunning.
Here are a few notes to go along with this video:

The game starts at c1a1 because I would restart every time I died from this point, it was just easier. Once I’ve completed a full run and am confident enough, I would start from c1a0 like most runs.

-(0:18) I accidentally hit the wall, which is something I haven’t done before in previous attempts. Normally i just miss the duck jump, which also happens.
+(0:44) Sometimes I get lucky and plop right inside of the hole, but this was an okay alternative. Most times i just miss it and have to circle it to get inside.
+(0:56) I try to get at most ~800 units here, because it usually sends me right into the corner of the elevator shaft. This time i only got around 450 but it’s better than 1000.
+(1:10) I inconsistently hit this object boost, so I’m happy it took one try.
+(2:05) This whole area is inconsistent, and since I skip the shotgun I subject myself to the vortigants. If I’m lucky enough they’ll ignore me completely like in this run, but sometimes I could get down to 50 hp in this part. Still trying to figure out why this happens.
-?(2:25) I don’t like barney…
-(2:37) I’ve been experimenting with throwing the grenade there, and I’ve only done it in three different runs. I don’t think it’s worth my time to get the nades from the bullsquid so I will most likely stop this as it wastes time.
+(3:33) Thankfully the vent broke in one hit. Sometimes it takes multiple?
-(3:45) Could’ve been run ending. I took a lot of damage but I went with it. On the bright side the end vent also broke in one hit.
-(3:55) This asshole headcrab sometimes jumps at you and sometimes doesn’t… Didn’t get the hops to jump straight out of the shaft.
(4:25) Wasn’t sure if the scientist would open the door here.
-(4:40) Took a lot of damage missing the ladder, but I did the jump down no problem.
-(5:25) I missed the elevator jump and at this point I wasn’t to confident in this run.
----(END) Everything went wrong here so I simply ended the run.

What I’m looking for is feedback to help deal with this small inconsistencies such as with headcrabs and other enemies. I’m also looking for a solid way to make barney open the door for me, but that’s fairly difficult on it’s own. Thank you for taking the time to review this run.


2:20 If you want barney to cooperate then you could always kill all of the headcrabs and zombies in that room before the npc abuse. When they are all dead you can push barney to the door without using grenades. It’s slow but MUCH faster than the way you did it. I reccomend saving before the map load and spending an hour or two trying that NPC abuse. It’s what I did and I can do it quite fluently. It might take a long time and a lot of effort but that’s what speedrunning is all about. I’d also like to see you do the vortigaunt jump on the map previous to the one you started on. I practiced that so much… Probably 5-6 hours total. It only takes me around 5 tries at the max. It may seem like a lot but It’s much better than when I started (50+ tries). Also, are you using NGHL? If not I recommend you use NGHL and when installing enable “Q3 Style Skin Pack” or something like that. It makes the ammo/weapons sort of highlighted so you can see them from miles away. Another thing you should start doing is trying scriptless runs. Other than that, just keep practicing and you’ll become Barack Obama.


I recommend that you *don’t *use NGHL as that is now obsoleted by the latest Steam client when used in conjunction with BXT.

EDIT: With regards to OP, if you’re going to take the freezer room route you can do this grenade boost to skip alot of that.

Also, you could’ve saved taking fall damage by jumping onto the ladder or the higher area with the bullsquid in the Blast Pit elevator room.