New Short Film


We just finished editing our new short film by ReelSplatter.Check it out at: MB downloadComments widely accepted.Warning: Contains Mature Language and Exessive Violence. Parental disgression is advised.


Insanely wierd to be honest.I was personally expecting a trick jumping film :smiley:


I admit this comment is quite late. At first I expected it to be more like Resident Evil (which I like a lot). It was funny, but after that it was only special effects with no script. Nevertheless it was a good short film. :wink:


Lol. Thanks. We like just making random stuff like that. Our next film does have a script and alot of dialogue, so it wont just be some glorified bloodfest. :-/


I hope it still has some of that as well. It keeps up the spirit.By the way, who are you in the film?


I am Skyler Phalanges… the main guy with his hair spiked up and the trench coat… I had to lay on the ground for HOURS when they did that last scene. It wasn’t warm out either.