New potential skip in trainstation1 during first barney cutscene


I have recently found that I can JClip my way on top of the map in the room where Barney removes his mask by using a bucket thats on the floor in the room and it is 100% consistent and infact very easy to do. Heres a clip:

Please note I have not been able to save buffer back inbounds yet. Then again, I am quite sure it is possible because I am very new to JClipping and Save Buffering.


I couldn’t click your link as it’s 404’d.
Yeah, You can do that. There’s a faster Jclip out of bounds however. Found here:

Good job finding this though. I hope you’ll be able to find more stuff for the run ^.^


Well thanks anyway, hopefully I do find something. I just managed to recompile client.dll and server.dll too so maybe I might even find a programming flaw/oversight that can be abused

Aside from that, do you know why I cant go up while save buffering whilst out of bounds.