new possible way to get oob?


my friend was doing a run and this happened to him

Might be that part of the map specifically. But I was thinking its possible its a glitch with dead models? If that’s the case, we could possibly find a use for it. But thats just positive thinking. And that’s only if we could replicate it.


That kind of ties in with this. But for the time being it’s just not possible, going down or up through that hole. But I’d love to see someone make something of this.


FYI you can’t go oob and move around in all maps in HL, It may be helpful but only to an extent.


As far as I remember that’s just a random hole in the map that has been found before. Pretty sure it’s nothing useful.

You can move upwards OoB (via save/load, just like in HL2OE) in a very early version of HL, though this specific case isn’t accessing the same type of OoB. See here for demonstration. Unfortunately no use for it was found in Blue Shift and so far no use for it has been found in HL either, though I think I may be one of the only people who looked into it and I didn’t look much further than Surface Tension, so it’s quite possible that there’s a use for it in later chapters.