New Landing? High fps bug


Hello Everyone!

I am very very new to the speedrunning scene, but I noticed something I didn’t see from other people when I upped my fps to 999.

In the gif, I press back at the bottom to scrape against the wall, and it stops me fully. This is just one of the many places I have done this, but when I checked the wiki to see what it might be called, I didn’t find anything. Is this a common occurrence? Is it already a well documented thing? I’d just like to know if this has happened to others in the past also.


P.S. I call it wallbug, it’s helpful to land huge falls near walls with no damage.


Hi Ian,

I don’t have access to that link, but what you’re describing is well known and is already used in Big Lolly speedruns, see here:


Thanks PJC, good to know it’s a common thing, wouldn’t want a bug like that to go unexploited. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s possible on surfaces not parallel to the map axes. It probably got no attention on the wiki because; since you loose all your momentum it’s rarely the best landing method.