New Inbounds Run


We’re almost done with the run by now. We have a few new strats on the last two maps, and ideas for a couple of earlier maps, so we’re going to try and get it all finished up in the next month or two.
Sub 10 minutes pretty much confirmed at this point.


And here’s our ch00:

Lots of new improvements in this run. Should be pretty fun when it’s all together.

Trailer’s out!


the HYPE is real


The Kappa is REAL


It’s basically confirmed that we’re going to get sub PDP , current time is 9:36 and we have a lot of time to save in e02 and a few other maps (PDP was 9:25). I think we’re aiming for sub 9:20 which is pretty ridiculous for inbounds ;D


^ hype



I usually hate watching portal runs because I can never understand what’s going on. This was really cool though, nice job.


I can’t watch it at the moment, but am looking forward to it. Is this being submitted to SDA?


Superb run. Enjoyed every minute of it!


New tricks need to be explained, Stat. I have NO idea what just happened but I enjoyed it. Very Much. Congratulations for bending the world to your will.

#11 noircat made a rough explanation video for those looking for one


Just ridiculous. The most splendid Portal speedrun I have seen. Or at least much easier to appreciate than pro-er. Gotta mention a top notch video work as well. Would never have guessed 135 segments.

Quite questionable if clipping through walls should be allowed in the inbounds category. Isn’t walls boundaries?


We defined the OoB-space as the space out of the world where you can’t move without portals in the not-very-old builds of source. When we were moving through walls we were moving through either models or brushes, some of them being nodraw brushes, so we were not outside of the world.


An illustrated definition of inbounds:




Nice job, guys! That boss fight turned out great. I do really like the use of the turret to speedup her dialog. Happy to see this project’s completion! :slight_smile:



[/spoiler]Let me straighten out the question marks for you. Easy.

: >


Just curious, will the saves for this run be made public? I just kinda want to try out a few things.


I was supposed to up the saves earlier but I forgot. Better late than never I guess.!mA12lCoD!8rHQtLvf1zgehoMPtZeDwREimGRsvNLwRnTjfNGs05g