New gauge half life - sample wagon stuck in anomalous materials


Hi guys,

as my subject states: The sample wagon in chapter anomalous materials is stuck on its elevator. I am unable to move it a single unit. Is this a known issue and is a solution known to this problem? I reinstalled new gauge half life full version 1.3.4 2 times now, disabled HD models in installation, enabled them, nothing seems to work.

Please help
Thanks in advance


I dont recall to well but i think it has something to do with fps
try lowering it to like 60 as its comming up, also dont use it untill its fully up


Yes, if you have your framerate too high, it will be stuck and not move a single unit.


Thanks for your answers guys, will check this as soon as I get back home and report back.


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Yeah this is a frame issue, make sure to use 100fps during the test chamber sequence. 250fps will sometimes cause it to get stuck etc.

The crooks of the problem isn’t that the frame rate is to high, it’s that its either unstable or a certain value which doesn’t work together well with moving objects.


Treetoon, people have already said that and you just bumped a several day old post. ???


I realized I wrote that post a little quickly without actually clearing it up. A higher framerate does NOT cause this.