New Engine Unpack content -> Old Engine Unpack?


Recently I had interest in starting a run that, when investigated, was found to only be able to be true to its name if the New Engine Unpack content (Portal specifically) was able to be flawlessly moved and work on Build 4044 of the Source Engine. This would ideally function through Unpack, however I’m not sure if the content can be moved without broken elevators, missing textures etc. due to the fact Portal was never on Engine 4044 (to my knowledge) in the first place.

Does anyone know whether this is possible and/or how to achieve this?


It wouldn’t work anyway because the 4044 engine does have the necessary engine features to facilitate the portalgun and portals themselves.


It wasn’t meant to concern the portal gun or portals anyway, the goal was to complete the entire game using only the HL2 weapons (and in 4044 the first map would only require a simple j-clip with the radio anyways).


Oh, well i’m not sure, you can test it by moving the materials and models folders from new engine to old engine. It might crash it might not, experiment!