Need help with the TC skip

Hey everyone
I’ve been casually speedrunning HL1 for a while now and I’m trying to learn new strats (since I use fairly dated ones). I’ve been trying to learn how to do the TC skip and I followed alexh0we’s tutorial on how to perform this trick.
Everything goes right, I align it properly (I checked like 4 times) I get exactly 2182 speed (I use the pause trick to get it more consistently) but then when I unpause I gain almost no altitude.
Here’s a clip showing what’s happening link
Anyone got any idea what I’m doing wrong?
I use cl_pitchdown 90 and cl_pitchup 90

You are looking one pixel too low.

Also, changing cl_pitchup 90 and cl_pitchdown 90 are not allowed to be changed in scriptless (default is 89).

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Ah alright, thank you for the swift reply.