Need help on c2a5f


Hello everyone,

I am super new to Half-Life running and this is one of the parts I still can’t do. I’d love some help.

I have been having quite a bit of frustration on this map, there are a few things that I get stuck on and take too long. The first issue is the boost up onto the ledge with water.

I’ve done it with snark climbing, but I usually have enough armor and health to do a damage boost with my grenades. The issue is that when I try to preform this, I never have enough height to get up. I’ve seen it done in other runs but it just doesn’t click for me. I read the guide on damage boosting on the wiki, and I’m following what it says, and it still doesn’t give me the height I need.

Second Issue: the infinite health door
I am trying to get a soldier to open the door on me, but they never even try it. I have a quick save loaded just before the tunnel at the beginning of the map and don’t save or load at any time up to the door, yet the soldier won’t open it. Other things he does are throwing grenades, dropping a grenade on me and running, and shooting from afar. I think I could be using the wrong soldier type, or I could be standing in the wrong place. I believe you just move as far back, near the controls, as possible.

I’d really appreciate any feedback because I cannot do some of the most important damage boosts past this point, making my run way too slow.




You mention that you have enough armor to do the damage boost, but not how much. On average, how much do you have at this point? You can actually have too much. The reason for this is that the less armor you have, the more damage your health takes; the more damage your health takes, the bigger boost you get.

About IHD: can you upload some sort of footage so that we can see what exactly it is that you’re doing wrong?


Wow thanks for the advice!

I usually have about 25 armor, and can get 100 hp from the pickups near the turret.

I never realized that the boost was directly caused by actual health loss. I got the jump to work by taking a bit of damage from the vortigaunts before boosting. It worked extremely well!

Thanks a bunch!



To get a good boost I usually duck, aim right below me, then release the throw button and very shortly after press the jump key. This is when you have more armor though probably because it’s pretty powerful this way.