Need help extracting and installing old engine patch


So I’m having issues installing the old engine. First off, when I try to extract it, EVERYTHING is missing. A prompt appears telling me that a file is missing from the folder and asks me to skip or cancel. The next issue being that it does not appear in my Steam library even though I installed it to /sourcemods.


Use winrar or 7zip instead of Window’s default extractor.


I have man. I never use Window’s extractor.


Can you show me what the folder looks like for you, once extracted?



Oy… If you don’t mind waiting a day or so, I can rezip OE once and for all. I don’t know how BitRain compressed 4044, but you’re not the first person to have this problem. My upload speed is really slow, so I can’t promise it immediately.


I can wait, and I’ll be grateful if you do.


In the meantime, maybe try redownloading this (!Sp1VUIhL!4SMOMV0WOaWwcK8HuT4evSXFverrw-ROuzf0bCpFnEs) and using 7zip specifically.

edit: actually fuck it, don’t download that, it doesn’t contain an autoexec


I assume I extract it to /sourcemods?


yeah, but actually, you should probably wait until I upload my copy, since that version doesn’t contain necessary config files


Here you go, it uploaded faster than I thought.


That seemed to do the trick. Now, do speed running tools come with the engine or do I need to install those?


I included SPT in a separate folder with instructions.