Need help downloading Half Life version


I downloaded the package several times but everytime I run any of them, I get an error:

My antivirus is not interfering (although it did the first time, but after the first download I disabled it and still nothing) so I am unable to install it. I do have a legit digital copy of Half Life on steam so it’s not that.


Where did you download it from? So I can give it a test to see. Because it does kind of look like the download is incomplete, but if you downloaded it several times that makes it a bit unlikely.


I got it from the official Wiki at


Are you trying to overwrite/downgrade the copy of the game you have installed through Steam?


No. I am trying to run as a seperate version. I do have the game.


I think I see why. For HL1’s, the file size normally is 57220575. your computer’s space is too low for the game(s) to be fully installed. You should free lots of space on your computer.


I definitely have waaay over 51MB free I have about 50GB free so that shouldn’t be a problem at all. I can install any other bigger program that isn’t bigger than 50GB no problem


Huh… Trying to look up a guide cuz I cant help you out. You can talk to the SourceRuns team.
EDIT: I meant you should look for a guide. not me.


I am experiencing the same issue, but it also says on the installer for hl1106 that it will install the Version of HL