My New Mod! WTF Adventures: A Man Named Ivan


Welcome to my new mod: WTF Adventures : A Man Named Ivan.

It’s a silly mod, where you play as Ivan going back in time to reform the future.
You can find it on ModDB:

And what everybody’s been waiting for…


Well this mod is already fundamentally flawed. 9/10.


What? He goes back in time, to change the future. If I killed Superman in the past, won’t that change the future? Because then he’d be dead in the future?

EDIT: Also, I rushed when I wrote this.


I already know you’ll never go back and kill anyone, because it already hasn’t happened. You can’t go back in time to do something you already haven’t done, otherwise you would already know about it having happened before.


It’s fiction, time-travel doesn’t need to make sense.

Why do you think yogurt gives you health? Or why scientists faces are on houndeyes?


I only jokingly brought it up to begin with. Anyway good job making this mod I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, mate.


Coming from a guy who’s been mapping for the better half of 8 years, and worked in a couple big-name mods, you really need to practice your mapping skills a lot more, and observe other maps to get a sense of how they come together. Especially when it’s just more Black Mesa.


I am actually not the mapper for the mod, and my mapper is quite new to Half-Life Mapping. Also it’s only the “introduction maps” that are actually maps so far, the map in the image of the houndeye or any other NPCs are just maps for testing various things.

By the way, the introduction map is still subject to change and was only whipped up in about a day or so.


You don’t need to quote a post directly above you.

I understand how testing maps work, however you might want to invest in a better mapper if you’re serious about this mod. You can hire a mapper for about 100-200 USD a map, usually.


You hire mappers?

But I thought (unless it’s a commercial mod) that modding is just for fun, nobody gets paid for it.

To be honest, I like how the map is looking so far and I am cool with keeping to the same mapper.


Dezowave’s S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha mod (which is free) hired some mappers for some parts of the game.


I guess if you’re young and learning about modding, then you’d probably see it that way, but yeah, modders and mappers get hired plenty of times. It’s really not uncommon, and I’ve met a hell of a lot more serious mappers and modders than I have those who only learn it for fun.