My name is Wako


Yeah my name is Wako.
I come here every 6 months.

Check IP jared you bitch!

Gocnak:lollollol user:pword for anyone who doesn’t understand standard combo layout.
Enjoy getting hacked bitch!

Yatler’s acc is next!




pls no hack




If you are so good with dll’s why didn’t you notice them handles within rundll32? lmfao.


rofl nice bruteforce you got there


It’s 2k16 do you think bruteforce is even a thing?
The last time I opened sentryMBA was like 4 years ago.
Don’t even act like you know anything cause you don’t lmao.


oh god, you’re pathetic




lol, nice memes adam


Good thread


Lol seems like I’m missing something here since looong time…


I see that some people never learn


That’s enough. Wako is a known scammer, apparently, so I’d rather never have anything to do with him. He tried scamming us when we first met, and now he’s coming back ALL THE TIME. Honestly, he’s nothing worth even talking about. He’s a bs artist, and absolutely nothing more. He’ll keep coming back, and we’ll keep banning him. I’m just going to delete anything he posts here or anything people post about him. He’s had enough attention, and now it’s old.