My horrible bunnyhopping skills...
its bunnyrace beta2
default settings with bhop script
feel free to say how bad i am

hahaha i guess you guys cant speak of how bad that is. ;D

you not bad, you just not doing any mid air strafes
the more inair strafes you do the faster you go

ok thanks
i forgot to do those in my video except in the end where i did airstrafe

The fuck? How do you forget to strafe? And you’ve been practicing for 6 months? Christ. Do this:

  1. map gasworks
  2. sv_gravity 0
  3. Jump up and start strafing.

This is where the magic happens.

yep surprising right
ive did the gasworks thing first when you posted it on that guys how to speedrun half life thread
and ive completed hop training
ill do that everyday now on
im actually really good at strafing now so ill try to remember next time
hopefully i get a time under 50 seconds
ill probably get 49 next time
also yeah the proof is in the video, as you can see i only strafed when i do large gaps.

Like Winded said, mid air strafes are key. The more strafes you can get in sync with your mouse looks, the faster you’ll go, though that’s not to say you should just spam the strafe keys and wiggle your mouse really fast, but you’ll know when to make the extra strafes, it will just feel right (usually when you need to gain a lot of speed in a short distance); otherwise, just make sure you’re constantly strafing left and right and you’ll go fast, as long as your mouse looks are smooth.

EDIT: If you own CS1.6, I’d suggest trying out some bhop servers there to get the hang of strafing. CS is a really good game to practice your bhop because of the natural slowdown, which causes you to have to increase the amount of strafes you do once you start slowing down.

Not claiming to be an expert since i’m also a beginner but, try this:
Load a big open map, position yourself in the center of the map, press the A key, move your mouse slowly to the left and hold space. This will probably give you a basic understanding of how it works.

Also, to improve your bunnyrace run, try and avoid moving in square-like 90 degree turns and try to cut corners instead for a shorter path.

Thanks everyone for your support! I do have cs 1.6, I have cs 1.0 actually. I have the half life platinum pack second edition and counterstrike comes with alot of mods including counterstrike itself so i can use cs
ill try that big map load center press a and move mouse slowly thing

Maybe you didn’t try hard enough? But, I guess everyone has their own educability. *Is that a correct word? *Keep practicing.

Yeah im guessing thats it
i now have good skills

Don’t practice on 1.0, that has no slowdown. Make sure it’s 1.4 or above if you’re going to try CS bhop.


I can’t bhop at all so you beat me.