MW2 Using console commands.


You can use certain console commands in MW2 by binding them to keys in your config and then using those binds while playing. This is useful for upping your fps to 125, 250, 333 or locking it at 76 so that you can jump higher. This makes for faster bunny hopping as you keep your strafe speed for longer than having to stop at a smaller period each time and having to re-jump. Feel free to add input.


Cool, have you tried binding one of those to /devmap then the map name? That command enables cheats.


Nah. I’ll try it later.


9 days later…

So, Captain, what be the news.


I’ve formatted and haven’t installed SP yet. I’ll do it when I’m back from college. (I love the fact that the forums aren’t blocked here! :D)


So what, you just format every week?


Once every year. <3 Steam though. It’s very easy to get all my games back. I used to hate rummaging through disks to find old games.


Ah steam, you either love it or you hate it. I love it.


I hate it for what it did to cs, but I love it for everything else.


What did Steam ever do to CS? ???


1.6 :frowning:

I’m not saying 1.6 isn’t a great game, but having played since 1.3, 1.5 is easily the best version.


I also played since 1.3. 1.5 was good, but I can barely remember the differences now since it was so long ago.

Edit: Ohhh, I remember. Famas came into 1.6. No… I like the Famas alot, so 1.6 is better.


1.3 had uncapped bhop, am I right? ;D


You sir, are correct.




I kind of changed my mind about the whole thing really… MW2 isn’t that popular over on SDA, probably because of the boycott. :-\


Heh, alright, I don’t blame you.