MvM Speedruns


MvM (Mann Vs Machine) speedruns for obviously Team Fortress 2 is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. So I figured what better place to talk about it then on Source runs. The idea is to speedrun each MvM map using six runners to cooperate to clear waves as humanely possible with no stop between waves. This makes for interesting runs because you can alternate Classes for specific maps/waves, or use specific upgrades such as “Spawn Canteen” and etc.

For some back story on the concept, I love Team Fortress 2 very much, and one day I tired to find a way to incorporate speedrunning. I mainly speedrun games that take my time away from playing TF2 casual or competitively, so why not combine two things I loved to produce something truly interesting? The result came from 6 people who where from SRL community who like myself fell in love with the challenge Horde mode mixed with time crunches.

I’ve already started working with fellow runners and TF2 fans to get times on each map, and working on “Wave 666” which will be quite insane to watch or become apart of. Here is a google docs page for MvM times for those curious ->
Note - None of the maps are close to being optimize, so improvement can be done everywhere.

The biggest question I have to ask though is: What is your opinion about MvM speedruns? I would like to hear suggestions and/or criticism from you guys on Sourceruns. I’m very open-minded and I don’t expect this to be an immense success or complete failure as long as people enjoy the runs. There has been talks about two teams racing on MvM Maps, which would be amazing to watch from spectator POV. Though this would require much organization to do obviously.
Yet again please share your opinion, and ideas.

If you would like to see some examples of MvM speedrunning to understand visually I’ll leave a link to the stream the runs we did some nights ago.

Thanks for reading guys/gals and looking forward to reading feedback


While I do not personally play TF2 much anymore, I would love to see something like this. I would bet the strategies for different maps and modes would be interesting to see, with what would work the best for each.

I’m interested in it, this looks cool. :slight_smile:


How does this game still exist?




Constant updates


Good luck on the run sir


Good luck.
Also, i can help with the speedrun, contact me @ steam.