MVM Speedrun


Good morning, afternoon, evening, night, eclipse or whatever

I’m d4nny, and I’m looking to get a team of 6 together to do Mann vs. Machine Two Cities really really fast. This group would meet about once a week and play a tour in order to build strategies and practice speedrun tactics. If you want to join the team, message or email me. Team members will need to be able to pay for their own tickets ($.99 each, $3.96 for entire tour). Members will also need to have somewhat decent microphones as we’ll be communicating throughout the match. You should also have somewhat speedy and reliable internet. While we’ll be working on getting through matches as fast as bloody possible, you’ll also have the opportunity to pick up some good and possibly valuable drops. And yes, if you find an aussie, you can keep it. :wink:


I’ve never done a paid tour, but is Engie still broken as hell in this mode?


Engie is broken as hell in general.


I can also be reached through steam by my profile; d4nny or cpt_webbinator

There’s always sentry busters, but if you’re any good at MVM, they aren’t a problem. Except you have to lower your guard for a second or two, but yeah, engies are da best.