Much faster way for the stairway


hi, i saw that u guys jumped over the policeman in lvl 2, but if you duck jump into him, he will push up though the ceiling, so you dont need to run up the stairs.should save a few seconds :wink:


maybe when count the seconds you needed to climb over die policeman it’ll be some more :wink: it doesnt work very often and i dont know under wich conditions, its very random.


Hmm. If your talking about near the start of the game of hl2 - that speed run is over :)But its always cool find find new shortcuts.


demo it and upload :slight_smile:


i will try :wink:


But you have to run up the stairs to get to him, I don’t understand.


its very very hard, i did it too times, you have to jump in/onto him in the right moment, i dont know under wich exact circumstances, maybe when hes attacking.


Ohhh, that guard. I thought you meant the one on trainstation_2. I think you’re talking about the third map.

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