Mp_coop_paint_speed_catch - Chamber 7




Using the crouchboost glitch.



Nice find. Does this always work (as in, it always gets you instantly to 800 speed)? If so, it may very well be useful in a bunch of other places.


I ran the glitch through host_timescale 0.1 and found that if you let go of crouch before yoru velocity is around 150 I didn’t make the jump. It’s not instantly by the way, just really fast. It’s still pretty useless when you need to cover long distances though, as some time is lost in the crouch part. I did a race and the one with just a running start won all the time. I think it’s only effective on such short distances. Needs more looking into.

edit: I typed host timescale 1, i meant of course 0.1


The “fast” wasn’t so much about time as much as it was, indeed, about distance. I think there’s a few places throughout the game where being able to get such high speed in a very short distance could be useful. I might decide to look into this some time, but not any time soon, as I’ll be busy for a while.

Still a great find though, as there’s at least one map it’s useful.