Mp_coop_paint_redirect - Chamber 2




6.5MB download.

9 seconds solo. Infinitely more difficult to do with 2 people. 11 seconds probably doable with 2, which is faster than the current best route which is around 15-16 seconds. Going to be an absolute nightmare to pull off though. I think there would be two choices here, both equally insane.

  1. During the first player’s final airstrafe toward the end platform, he could turn around just in time to reportal the second player, allowing the second player to concentrate only on his hops and his airstrafe.

  2. The second player could delay 1-2 seconds in the beginning and do the entire thing himself, meaning that both players would have to pull off what I did in the video in the same run.

Both options are one in a million. Not sure which would be faster because the second player would still have to delay a little bit before going, even with the first method, since player 1 would need to get his reportal and air strafe going first before being able to turn around.