Mp_coop_fan - Chamber 8/BTS




single player route:
couldnt get first cube trick to work, main point is rest of map. with some crazy laser angles to get it done in sp.


I managed to solo this in 50 seconds :D! All my hard work was worth it!



Coop route (so not a single player route)

Demo file:

  1. this is done in the “ss_map” feature, by myself, so actions that should happen simultaneously don’t because I can’t control 2 robots at once :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Blue reportals to the fan so he can sit and wait in front of it. This way you don’t need to time your jump. Besides, the blades stop at random positions, so if that jump ends up smacking you into a blade quite some seconds lost.
  3. Orange picks up the box from underneath the tube in this vid, but picking it while standing in the portal to the side of it is faster, but a bit harder. I can pull it off though, so should’ve done that instead.
  4. The killtrigger in the fan seems to be shut off upon the red lights activating. I did get killed once because a blade hit me though, so avoid getting hit by one, even when the red lights are on.
  5. I finally found the $^&# sweet spot for pulling the levers. I see the guy above me got it combined with bunnyhopping. Excellent!
  6. Forgive my horrible bhopping, but this is just a route.

The route is just inexistence’s route, but with some minor tweaks. Except for the boxgrabbing it should be more efficient.