Mouse movement kills framerate in Source Unpack


Like the title says, and to be clear this only occurs in Source Unpack v2, in both HL2 and Portal. This doesn’t happen in the currently updated versions on Steam.
I know the readme says to email Bitrain, but if other people can help, or if a solution is found here and the thread helps others, I think this is the better way.

So moving the mouse in any way in-game causes the framerate to drop to nothing, clicking doesn’t affect it, and using the mouse outside the window while alt-tabbed is still fine, but moving the cursor back into the game window not only lags the game but brings the mouse movement to a dead stop until the cursor is no longer moving.
I can’t find anything in the console to fix it, at least not mouse related, and I can’t find any relevant differences between it and the Steam copy.
Vsync doesn’t help, and whether it’s properly in-game or even in the opening menus it still happens.

If any more information is needed I can provide, or record footage of it.


I recreated your problem and it seems to be because of weird window capture.
So RInput fixed it and so did downgrading the DRM dlls, so the new version is available on the wiki
Try launch from the rinput folder, and if that doesn’t work disable multicore rendering or set the affinity to one core and use normal windowed mode. If the problem still persists, I’ll have to look into it some more.


(Kinda unrelated) How is unpack on the wiki, isn’t ha piracy technically or does it take files from steams install?


You have to have Steam open and own Half Life 2 in your Steam library, otherwise it won’t launch. Before you had to add YaLTeR as a friend and he’d verify you own the game and give you the download link, but I replaced some cracked DLLs it came with with legit ones from the current Steam build, no YaLTeR contacting needed :smiley:


Pretty sure it’s illegal but I don’t think Valve cares, especially since you need to own the game to use it. Not having the link on the wiki and just distributing it using other means would be equally illegal.